Aseye Studio x ML

Aseye Studio x ML

by Koi Kizzie


MaryLou Jewelry collaborated with Aseye Studio in coordination with the release of a new colorway of their classic Varsity Cardigan and Tutu Puffer Babushka.
Aseye Studio, created by Asia Irving in 2021, is a Black Woman owned knitwear and outerwear brand that prioritizes the individualism and vibrancy of its wearers. Founded in New Jersey, Aseye Studio aims to represent a new wave of sportsmanship. Their pieces exude the flair that we at MaryLou have come to associate with our New Orleans roots. Each of their designs embodies the intersections of their collective creativity, and is inspired by an amalgamation of vintage aesthetics, sports culture, knits, and collegiate styles, with a nostalgic aura and a hint of avant-garde attitude. Their priority is inclusive pieces created with intention and an adulation of cultural legacy.


Aseye and MaryLou both prioritize the individualism associated with elevated aesthetics.
Aseye Studio’s Tutu Puffer Babushka is available in 3 colorways and features an exclusive yet classic aesthetic that pairs perfectly with Mary Lou’s Mary Hoop and Hooped Huggie. It’s constructed with 100% Nylon Fabric that is sourced from Osaka, Japan. The Varsity Cardigan is high quality, with a slightly oversized fit that align perfectly with today’s trending aesthetics. It’s extremely eye catching in the red, black, and green colorways that would make a sightly pair with some gold accent jewelry.
This photoshoot was an exciting and fulfilling opportunity for both brands representing small businesses in New Jersey. Get the perfect pairing for your Aseye Studio’s cardigan or babushka at []!
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